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Our manifesto – adopted at the ALDE Party Congress on 10 November 2018 in Madrid, Spain – outlines our liberal vision for the European Union and its future.

To gather insight and expertise, a series of ten forum meetings were organised across Europe from March to May 2018 to gather input from different stakeholders and European citizens. Prior to the adoption of the manifesto, ALDE Party member parties also had the opportunity to propose amendments to the manifesto as per the ALDE Party’s usual resolution procedure.

Renew Europe

As part of an inclusive and consultative process, a Manifesto Drafting Committee was convened to draft an initial text which was then open and subject to amendments tabled by ALDE Party member parties before its adoption. The Manifesto Drafting Committee brought together senior liberals from across Europe and was chaired by the former Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas MP.

For additional information about the ALDE Party’s Manifesto 2019 process, please contact Andrew Burgess (Political Adviser – aburgess@aldeparty.eu).

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