FT/Bruegel debate on EU elections

Brussels, Belgium
01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
It's Beginning! 03 Apr 2019

    FT/Bruegel Debate On EU Elections

    FT journalists & Bruegel Director explore the main political parties’ economic programmes for the future of Europe in front of an invited audience.

    This is the third episode of “The Road to Europe – Brussels Briefing Live: Spitzenkandidaten series”, which features the lead candidates for the European Elections of the six main EU parties and is jointly organised by Bruegel and the Financial Times.

    ALDE will be represented by Luis Garicano, Professor of Economics, member of our Team Europe and Lead Candidate of Ciudadanos for the European elections.

    Read more in the ALDE Party’s Liberal Eyes newsletter.

    Recording of the debate is available below.

    Read a summary of the event here.

    Luis Garicano

    Luis Garicano

    Head of Economic and Employment Policy at Ciudadanos, Vice President of ALDE Party
    Team Europe

    Luis Garicano